Thursday, January 18, 2007


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You know Christmas is really over when the office is giving away free poinsettias. Elisabeth was taking a few home, and I high jacked one of them before she left to take snap a few shots.

the past few days. Actually, I'm not even Sorry I posted so late, but I have been busy beyond beliefwriting this blog from my computer, I'm actually at James's place watching a movie with him and eddy. We are watching Bring It On . If you have not seen this movie, i strongly suggest it. I have seen it about 50 times and i know almost all the dialogue by heart. It rules. its almost as good as Legally Blonde.

So yeah, curling is in full swing, my teams won 3 in a row, so tomorrow night I'm hopping we can pull the 4th one in a row. Go Team Robichaud! I'm playing in two leagues this year, Montreal West Curling Club and at the Royal Montreal Curling Club.

Another exciting thing is that I am finally starting my MBA, in 11 days. Woo hooooo! The school sent me some prep material, so I already have tons of reading to do. Oh and did I mention that it's crunch time at work.

All of this is pretty awesome. I feel alive.

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