Thursday, May 20, 2004

Warning, This Blog has been rated R!

OK. Some of you, do not like the four letter F word or the four letter S word very much. In fact, some of you dislike it so much that you took time to write me about it. Some of you might have even been offend by my choice of adjectives in some of my previous blogs. Well, I respect that. Its your opinion. However... I am not sure that changes anything for me. I can see how someone who only knows me through certain channels might be surprised by a more colorful usage of the English language. I do not run around the office, or any place for that matter, shooting my mouth off trying to offend people. So I guess the point I am trying to make is that, this blog, in some way is to me an art form. I like the idea of having my thoughts written down and having someone, anyone or you, reading them and then telling me what they think. I was thrilled to get such an eloquent response from one of the readers of the blog. Seriously, this person wrote me in a very nice way to tell me that she was disappointed and thought that such language was not warranted (I am paraphrasing).

In a way, she is right. She is right, because it can be considered offensive. I am certain to some people it is. But its not offensive to me. I don't think my mother would even be offended. Actually, I am sure she will tell me next time I talk to her because I did inviter her and her girlfriend to come visit my blog. In fact, I am very proud of my blog, I like how it looks, I like the content I have provided so far, so I am extremely pleased with the results. Now, this content. Should I abstain from using profanity. I wonder what you guys think. Well, here is an idea. Why don't you answer that question yourself. Click here to take my profanity poll. Do you think I should abstain from using profanity on my blog? Let me know what you think. The poll is 100% anonymous, I will not log your IP, or anything. The only think I will do is place a cookie on your machine so that I know you haven't voted a billion times.

In a couple of weeks, I will close the poll and we can see what you think. Ok.. Enough of that.

ON THE ROAD AGAIN. Yes boys and girls, I am taking my laptop and I am off to T.O. tomorrow. I am rewarding myself with a plane ticket as soon as my paycheck is deposited into my bank account later this evening, and I am flying to T.O. My brother says he will be happy to see me. I am going to ask James to borrow his digicamera, and we will be all set to go to Toronto. I will be blogging from Toronto! So I should have some interesting things to report while I am there. I am actually going to check to see if there is any SARS left. Hehehe.

So don't forget to vote!


Anonymous said...

C'mon Gabe, only rated R? You can do way better and aim for at least NC17, or even better, an X! Share all of the exciting details of your life with your true fans!

(And to hell with the others... stupid bastards. They aren't your real friends anyway.)


Luc Richard said...

I say fuck those fucking fuckers