Monday, May 24, 2004

Mamma Mia!

Well, once again, I marvel at the technology that we are lucky enough to have in this day and age. Today’s blog is coming to you from seat 7F on West Jet flight 766 with service to Montreal. As I already commented previously, West Jet, has offered a smooth as butter flight, boarding and service. The main difference being that the French recording has been replaced by a French speaking flight attendant. She is definitely not a francophone but I definitely appreciate the fact that they have someone who speaks French on staff! Way to go West Jet!

So, my trip to Toronto is over. To be honest I am really looking forward to landing in Montreal. There is nothing like leaving your home to make you realize just how much you like it there. Don’t get me wrong, Toronto is a great city, and I am sure I will visit again sometime, but I am too much of a Montrealer to spend extended time away from my adopted home city.

An interesting thing happened this weekend. I actually got to relax. I forgot about work, forgot about school, and forgot about everything really. I got to spend time walking around and doing things I like without giving much attention to price or reason. I think is going to be my last attempt at self indulgence for a while. I need to bolt myself down and get serious about a lot of things in the very near future!

So what have I been up to this weekend? Well first things first.

Friday night!

I was greeted at the Airport by Michelle, Melissa and Joël (my little brodah, one of 3). When then went to some Irish pub in the Annex, had a beer, then walked around downtown T.O. I was really exhausted and decided to head on home and to bed around midnight. I slept like a baby.


Saturday morning we slowly awoke. Joël, Bruno and I went to eat a juice/vegetarian place somewhere across the street from Much Music studios. After some more walking around and grabbing a digital camera from Médiatique, we then ventured into Moutain Equipment Coop for a quick look around. Well, to our joy, they were offering free wall climbing to all their members that day. Joël and I watched little children climb up and figured we could do better than those little brats, so off we went. I got about ¾ of of the way up, and of course Joël made it all the way to the top. It was valiant effort nonetheless. It is very hard to climb walls. But I really enjoyed it. I think I might actually join a climbing club. JR has been bugging me to do it for a while now; maybe I will actually get around to doing it.

After wearing out our body climbing, a more relaxed afternoon was in order. Completely by chance, we came across the St-Alexandria Theatre, and there was a 2pm showing of Mamma Mia! with tickets available at the orchestra level. Well, 94$ x 2 later, were laughing and singing along with the cast enjoying what can only be described as one of the funniest, most entertaining musicals I have ever seen!!

I spent the rest of the evening relaxing, reading and surfing.

Sunday :

Sunday was spent wandering the streets of Toronto, but not before we had breakfast at the Pulp Kitchen, a vegan restaurant where Bruno works. I had a very delicious eggless omelette, complete with potatoes, salad and fair trade coffee.

Joël and went to see a movie, 13 going 30. A light comedy about a girl who, on her 13th birthday, wishes she was 30, and does get her wish. As you can tell, a masterpiece of Hollywood cinema again!

Monday, we went for breakfast at "Hello Toast", and then we just ran around the city, sipping coffee. Yay Tim Horton!

I will put some pictures up as soon as I have a chance. The flight attendant just announced that we are landing. So, gotta go ya all!

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