Monday, May 17, 2004

Hi. My name is Gabriel and I am a geek.

Yes, the rumors are true, I am a geek. In fact, I am such a big geek that I have some geek news to share with you all. Today, after I got home from work, I tuned into TechTV, my absolute favorite TV Channel. Of course, its only available through digital TV providers, but it is well worth the cash. And to my great pleasure, they announced that WIL WHEATON will be hosting Call For Help on Friday the 21st and Monday the 24th of May 2004. Ok... I was so excited, I just had to share the news.

And since we are on a geek mode today, I will also share this with you : GMAIL ROCKS. I have had a few weeks to test this web based email service, and my advice to you, is you better line up now to get your email account before its too late. Well actually, you can't line up right away because they are only offering it to a few thousand beta testers (HA HA), but you should put your name down on the waiting list ASAP. You would hate to miss the opportunity to have and be stuck with

Ok, why should you consider this email service? There are hundreds of really good services already available. You might even think that the web based email market does not need another email service. Well, I really believe that GMAIL is going to change how we view email and force Hotmail and Yahoo! to rethink what service they offer, and here is why:
  • 1 GIGABYTE of space

  • Keep all your emails forever

  • Google Like searching

  • Easy to use interface

  • Fantastic Conversation tracking feature lets you group emails by topic

  • Better than most email services that charge you for 100 megs of space

  • Google adds are hardly noticeable and actually relevant to YOUR interests

So... Hurry hard, and point your browsers to Trust me on this one.



Charlie B. Haven said...

Sigh...I can't believe you used your website for the equivalent of a web "infomercial".

It makes me so mad... I feel like cutting my shoe with a knife.....

Gabriel Robichaud said...

Uhm... hello, its called a blog.

Ti-Ji said...

Infomercial? Whah!

Hey, if you had a GoogleMail account, you wouldn't consider that an infomercial.


dponce80 said...

Hey by the way... you wouldn't happen to have any Gmail invites around, would you? I sure would like one if you have one to spare... ;)