Saturday, May 22, 2004

Ok... So now what

Well hello from T.O..

I don't have much to report so far. I got here all in one piece and so far so good! The flight was fantastic!! THANK YOU WESTJET!! Honestly, I have never had a more enjoyable experience in aviation. What a fantastic airline! The staff was friendly, the ride was amazing, and they actually arrived 20 minutes early. The whole ticketing & boarding process was so efficient, I thought I was on a German train not a Canadian plane!! What really amazed me was how friendly the staff were, they actually smiled and looked like they enjoyed their jobs! They had team spirit! And the plane had leather seats for everyone. I had more leg room on Westjet than compared to any other air carrier I know. The only thing that slightly pissed me off is that the flight crew did not speak French. This is not acceptable for an airline flying out of Montreal. However, I will give credit to the co-pilot who did the captain's spiel in French, but that was the only French that did not come out of a cheesy recording. All the English stuff was done verbaly by the flight attendants. I found that a bit insulting, specially since the flight attendants did not instruct the anglos to be quiet, so you couldn't hear anything anyway. But, lets give them time, they have only recently been serving a bigger share of the French Canadian market.

You are probably wondering at this point why I am not writting my blog in French Since I feel so strongly about language issues... Ugh. Well, I will save that for another blog, another day. As a French-Canadian born outside of Québec, now living in Québec but visiting Toronto, boy do I ever have a thing or two say about the language issue. Starting with those idiots who mocked my brother and I while we were walking down Bloor St just because we were speaking in French. I'll probably have more to say about that later on this weekend.

So what should I do next. I think I might go visit the CN Tower tommorrow.

Have you guys checked out the Profanity Poll. So far, the NO side is winning by a significant margin. If you haven't voted yet, what are you waiting for... CLICK HERE.

Thanks for reading guys!


Anonymous said...

Glad u liked Westjet :) Did u try their "Harvest Mix"?? hehe. I am glad u do yer blogs in english, so I can read them.... ;) tks :)

Anonymous said...

oops.. that last comment was fr. me, amber :)