Saturday, June 26, 2004

There is no place like the pool

Another day gone by. And I have done an amazing job of doing nothing. I should be working on my assignment, but I cannot get myself in that schoolwork zone. I did however manage to haul myself to the pool. I did 80 laps, which is ok. I was doing 100m in 2 mins. Thats actually faster than what I could them last summer when I was training like a mad man. I can only attribute the improvement to a better technique in the water. I know for a fact that I am not in a better shape. The weird thing about swimming is that I find my performance varies greatly from one session to the next.

While I was swimming today I couldn't help by wonder why more people dont swim. The pool was practically empty, there were only 3 or 4 other swimmers there. That meant I had an entire lane to myself. Hey, I am not complaining, I just don't understand why more people don't swim. I took a look at the pool schedule today, and it seems there is a free swim in the evenings during the week. So, I think I am just going to swim in the evenings.

Tomorrow I am going to try and get some indoor running done. I know it sounds stupid, why run indoors when there is a whole world outside just waiting to be ran on. Well, its all about controling the elements. I know what the conditions are on the threadmill, I can control the speed, the incline and I don't have to worry about finding water to drink or how hot the temperature is going to be. Lately my asthma has been acting up and I can't afford to be in the middle of nowhere. Actually, I don't remember my asthma ever beeing this bad. I know Patrick thinks its lame to be running indoors when I live on the Mountain, but the fact is, I like the privacy of the treadmill. I don't really like running outside where people can see you. I know it sounds weird, but its my preference. So too bad.

Now the next thing I need to work on is my hill-climbing abilities on the bike. I just can't climb hills. I suck. Completely. I could go for miles and miles on flat courses, but hills freaking kill me. Patrick suggested I do some hill-repeats. That should be easy considering how I live on a big huge mountain.

As for the Profanity Poll. THE POLLS ARE CLOSED! Mouahahaha. FUCK FUCKETY FUCK FUCK. Can you guess what the results were? Go see for yourself

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