Sunday, June 06, 2004

5 Pounds Later

Well, Dr Phil's low-cost high-yield foods are paying off! I have shed 5 pounds in about a week! Wooo hooo! I went swimming again yesturday, and I did a decent 2 hour bike ride thursday morning. So things are going in the right direction. Just need to keep the effort up! The hardest part is not binging on everything I see. I took Dr. Phil's advince and dug up my knitting needles from the bottom of my closet and started knitting again. It helps keep my mind off food. Since knitting requires the use of both hands, its not like I can eat and knit at the same time.

I am doing a very good job of staying away from sugars and chocalates. I had to make an exception this weekend though, it was JR's 33rd birthday on Saturday. So there was plenty of chocolate and cake to go around. Well over the course of the entire weekend, I had 2 peices of cake and 6 chcolate truffles. I guess thats ok. It doesn't happen. I got JR a nice wooden chess set, truffles and Monopoly. Last night I ruled at Monopoly! hehehe.

Thursday evening, Adrienne came over to spend the night since she is working in Montreal again. It was fun to just sit with her and chat. I dont think the two of us have had any alone time in at least 3 years. There usually is people around and so it was refreshing to chat with the candor we did back when she was living on Holy Cross St. She has always been a great friend, and I am very happy that she is working on the Island again, this way I will get to see here more. I know, its selfish, but I don't care.

Tonight I have to go to my Curling Banquet. I dont even feel like going. I am not a big fan of the people in the group, but I said I was going, and made them prepare a vegetarian meal for me, so if I don't go, they will notice that I am not there.

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