Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Ebay is evil... Or is it nirvana?

Why you might ask? Because, I actually sat there, clutching my mouse, counting down the minutes to my Ebay auction. I felt like a mad man. Slapping the refresh button with a passion than can only be found in the deepest cackles of the Douglas Hospital (the local funny farm). When I finally got the bloody Zelda Collector's Edition that you can't buy in stores not for resale Nintendo Gamecube Game, for a brief minute, a heartbeat of time, I think I transcended spiritually to what some have described as nirvana. No, not the 90's grunge band lead by Kurt Cobain (god rest his soul), but that ultimate state of being that spiritual leaders around the world have searched for millennia!

So, I am telling you my dear readers, Ebay = Nirvana.

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