Thursday, June 10, 2004

GMAIL - EBay? Is there a connection?

Many of you have asked me : "Gabriel, do you have any GMAIL invites left?" Well, I did, and now they are all gone. Ha ha! No soup for you! Before I tell you the secret to getting your very own Gmail account (and yes, if you really desperately want one, it is possible), I must say something to my fellow bloggers from the blogging community:

Recently I was asked by a fellow blogger if I had any invites left. This left me wondering why this bloggerite was asking me for an invite because most active bloggers have received invitations from gmail. Blogger was purchased recently by Google. Gmail is also owned by Google. See the connection? Naturally, Gmail asked Blogger users to join GMAIL to help in the beta testing. So, shame on you bloggers! Shame on you for trying to scam me out of my GMAIL invites. I guess that you got your invites as well and are trying to get mine!!

Why would she/he want my invites? Well the answer lies in the search for Nirvana, or like I said yesterday, EBay. See, people are selling their GMAIL invites on EBay. You don't believe me? Go see for yourself. Last time I checked gmail account invitations were selling for about 80 to 100$ US a couple of weeks ago. Folks, that's almost 150 Canadian clams. That's a lot of clams. So shame on you bloggers, trying to get my gmail invites. As for those of you without GMAIL accounts, If you desperately want one and have money to through around, just go buy one on an EBay auction. The good news is that the price of Gmail accounts has gone down dramatically on EBay, and you should be able to get one today for 5-6$ Canadian.

However, if I ever have more invitations for gmail sent my way, I might consider giving you one if you drop me a line... Or maybe I'll make a capitalist out of myself and sell them on EBay.

Thanks for reading!


dponce80 said...

NONONO I'm not like that. I can't help but feel targeted as I did ask for an account. Sadly, I've been blogging for all of two weeks, and hasn't yet seen it fit to offer me anything at all.

So yes, I do desperately want one, and no, I dont want to (cant) shell out the whatever it is it costs to buy one.

I do promise not to try to sell it on ebay though, and put it to good use.

So, please... pretty please with the sugar on top. ;)

dponce80 said...

Oh yeah... if you do decide to be nice, and uh... give me one, uh, my email is and what the heck, toshow my good faith, I'mm link you on my site. not much, but what the heck.

Gabriel Robichaud said...

ok ok.. i believe you :)

You are on the list! I promise!

Anonymous said...

Like wow, Dude... it's a world-wide conspiracy against geeks on the internet! Someone must put a stop to this! Patrick ;)