Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Evil Dead Part 1 and 2, The Musical!

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to present to you, what can only be considered, as the most original idea for a musical since the Rocky Horror Picture Show: Evil Dead Part 1 and 2, The Musical.

My brother had suggested that we go see this performance after he had seen in Toronto. He said not to sit in the first few rows because there is a risk of getting blood splattered all over yourself. Well, he was right. He also said that my favorite part of the performance would be the song "What the fuck was that?" Once again, he was correct.

It was campy, it was funny, its was cute, and it was charming. I think the most endearing thing about it was that it was unpretentious. I mean it. The set, the sound, the "effects" the script, it was honest and visibly, true to the writers' artistic vision. I LOVED IT!

Mark my words people, the show will be around for quite some time. I predict a world-wide tour... Well, maybe not world-wide, but at least North-American. It pokes fun at campy horror movies from the early 80's. If you have ever watched Evild Dead, Friday the 13th or any other 1980's thriller flicks, you need, no you must go see this musical. It will tickle you until you can't laugh no more.

Word of caution : don't expect a high glam performance like you would see at the Place des Arts, but trust me, thats a good thing. If you want something refreshing, new and innovative, go see this play. Buy your tickets through www.ticketpro.ca or Just For Laughs website for more info.

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