Thursday, September 06, 2007


What a view. There is something special about Vancouver. Well, maybe not Vancouver itself.

Vancouver the city, not that exciting. Nothing really is going on here that is not going on anywhere else. It is what you can see and do AROUND vancouver that makes it so special.

I have been here since Saturday. I am enjoying every minute of it. The weather has been just fantastic. I have been soaking up the sun, walking around, taking massive amounts of photos. To the point where I don't have feet anymore, I have 2 giant blisters instead. I call the left blister Moe and the right one Curly.

I decided to give Moe and Curly a rest today. So I am taking it easy at Waves on Main Street and East Broadway St. This was my favorite coffee spot when I first came here in 2006, and I still love it. A close second though, is the newly discovered "Verra's Burger, Where you can't beat verra's meat!" This beeing the Lesbian Vegetarian Granola Munching capital of the world, Verra's also has a vegetarian menue, and it kicks ass. And with a slogan like that, I had to go in!

The amount of drug addicted passed out bums on the streets of Vancouver is STAGGERING. I can not tell you how many times I was witness to Police / Ambulance interventions to help people who look worse off than some of the stuff you see on TV. Its a little disheartning that this is going on in my country. Hardly seems fair.

Anyway... I'm about to settle into an afternoon of playing World Of Warcraft... so I will bring this to a close.

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