Friday, March 04, 2005

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Don't you hate it when you can't find an appropriate title for your blog articles? Oh well. If you don't like, tough.

It feels so good to be back to blogging. I am happy to entertain you people sitting at work pretending to work. (he he he) You know how you are. Certain people in Ottawa. Certain civil servants. Wasting my hard earned tax dollars. I smell a scandal!!

So. Today's blog is brought to you from the Second Cup on the corner of Milton and Parc in Montreal. Yes yes. The combination of free wi-fi and 1.55$ for a blueberry tisane is all you need to sit here for hours and waste bandwidth.

So what has been going on. Well to all of you who have been asking if I have found a job... The answer is.... A BIG... RESOUNDING.... (wait for it)..... Are you excited yet?....... NO NO NO NO NO.*sigh* Still no job. A few leads. But don't hold your breath.

So that takes care of that.

So, when I'm not scouring the web looking for the perfect employer, I try to keep myself busy. I just got back from a one week stint in Québec City. No, there are no jobs there either. There is my brother however. He is studying film at Université de Laval and he is having the time of his life... NOT! Oh my god. What a boring city. Its a lot like Ottawa, except its colder, has more snow and, unlike Ottawa where they roll up the sidewalks at 6pm, they roll up the sidewalks at 4:30pm in Québec. Oh, its very pretty there, so if you want to look at pretty buildings and soak up some history, you should really go to Québec City. But don't go for the night life or the cultural diversity because you will be in for the shock of you life! I did, however, star in my brother's latest film project. Some work in sound design for a class he did. Woo hooo, I'm a star.

Oh.. and for those who need to know the innermost details of my personal life, (why, I will never understand) James and I have taken the big plunge. Yup Yup. We are now domiciled at the same address. So, quit asking when we will be moving together, its been done. Its going well, I am very happy. Of course I am. Have you guys seen him? MMM MMMM good!

Do not expect an invitation to the housewarming because we are not going to have one but feel free to send presents, money or credit cards. We love presents ;)

So, that's it for today. I must go back to my Pimsleur German now.

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