Monday, February 28, 2005

New Sub-Domain, New Host, Hackers and Blogging.

Well folks, let me start by saying that not all web hosting services are created equal. Thankfully there are a lot more hosting services who provide Coldfusion funcionality than there was 18 months ago. You will see why in a second. I appologize for not writing more during the past couple of months, but I was no longer in a position to trust the server that my Blog was hosted on. So, I began the long hunt for the cheap webhosting provider, that will actually protect me against hack attacks. Yes my friends, my web hosting account was hacked! Someone even changed a lot of the pages on my website for some bogus crap. See, I can understand how these things happens, microsoft has some pretty serious vulnerabilities in their operating systems.

That hosting company (Webserve Canada Inc. did not notify that they were under attack. They also failed to answer my questions on why I was not notified when they noticed the intrusion, and why they were not able to explain to me what measures they took to prevent future attacks. So. I moved my website to a much better provider in the USA. Yeah yeah, my money is going to some money grubbing USA corporation, but I don't care at this point. I just want something that works, that is secure and will give me some control over my my site. Oh we wont talk about the hell it was to cancel my account at Webserve, shaddy credit card billing practices, etc, etc. My new provider takes Paypal.

That, is nice. Paypal is the future my friends. If you don't know what Paypal is or what its for, click on over to Paypal.

Another change, as you can notice, the blog is now part of its own subdomain. You may now and forever, access the blog at the "blog" subdomain of as follows: This will permit me to leave for some other projects I have in mind. For next couple of months, there will be an automatic redirection to the blog when you access it via the old address. So update your bookmakrs.

I have disabled the mailing list feature for now. I will be creating another one soon however, I just need to change some things around before making it available again.

So stay tuned. I will be fine tuning the site in the next few days, and we will then resume our regularly scheduled blogging.

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