Tuesday, January 11, 2005

RIP : Louis-J. Robichaud 1925-2005

Ave Maris Stella,
Dei Mater Alma,
Atque Semper Virgo
Felix Coeli Porta (bis)

The Acadian National athem was being sung as I watched the remains of the right honnerable Louis J. Robichaud being transported out of the Assumption Cathedral in Moncton NB. By the magic of television, I was able to attend the funeral service, and remember, with the rest of NB and Canada, the greatness of a legacy left by a simple acadian man, whose vision was simple: equality for all.

Thanks to "p'tit" Louis, as he was called, NB has a french university, a billingual education system and billingual services for all citizen of NB.

Louis, you'll be missed dearly.

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