Thursday, September 23, 2004

One Month Later

It has been one month today that I got my lay off from the consulting firm. I must have sent out close to 200 resumes in the past month trying to find a job. Not an easy task. But now that I am all set up, it only takes a few minutes a day to post 10 or 20 cvs. I do some reasearch and see what else is available out there, but so far I have managed to snag 1 interview. That interview is tomorrow morning. Wish me luck, because I could really use a decent pay.

I also found out today that I have successfully completed my Post-Graduate Certificate in Management, and am therefore admitted into the Master's Degree of E-Commerce programme. This programme starts next week, so I need to find a job soon, or else I will not be able to attend. So people, I need your positive vibes, and lots of them.

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