Saturday, August 07, 2004


Last weekend I went camping with some friends in "Mont Tremblant 'National' Park". I am so sick and tired of the arrogant attitude in this province. It is not a national park, its a provincial park. When I got to the parc, I was surprised to find out that this place is completely not canadian, but quebecois. I am so fed up with the Canadian Government letting quebecers do whatever the hell they want. Sure sure, just let them churn out seperatism propaganda like it was ok. What a farce. In a province where you cannot even put up a sign in english without getting a fine, clearly violating basic human rights, the government just ignores it. And, Today, I am sick of it.

Thank god I am going back to New-Brunswick on vacation next week. I leave on Friday, and I can't wait. Hopefully, i'll be able to do some photo-blogging while I am down there. So stay tuned. I am hoping I will get to go to either Fundy or Kouchibougouak National park. Real national park that extend for kilometers and kilometers, so cheasy knock-off in the boonies of Quebec. Don't get me wrong, the parc "national" mont tremblant was great, I had a good time, and more than likely one of the best provincial parks i have ever visited, but this national word just pisses me off. I am actually thinking of writting a complaint letter. I am so sick of this. Why is happeneing? I think I am going to write my MP and my MLA, oh wait, its not Member of Legislative assembly in Quebec, its Member of the NATIONAL Assembly. Are you kidding me? Are these people dilluted. YOU ARE NOT A COUNTRY, YOU ARE A PROVINCE. I am so sick and tired of all this seperatism. You have had two referendums, lost them both. GET OVER IT. You are a province.

Can you imagine how crazy it would look if Acadians decided to seperate? Create their own territory? We have as many reasons to seperate as Quebecers do, if not more. Yet, we aren't dumb enough to think that we can actually pull it off. Well, there were a group of really radical acadians in the 60 and 70's who created teh Acadian party and wanted to split the New-Brunswick in two to form 2 distinct provinces. They did not do very well politically, but they did get the message accross and were heard by NB political leaders. They eventually died out because their mission was accomplished. I think the PQ and Bloc could learn a thing or two from acadian history.

Acadian history teaches a lesson of cooperation and determination. It shows that two lingistic communities can live together in harmony without ever crossing out people's rights from the charter or churning out propaganda.

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