Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Product Shot

Apparently, to become a photographer, you need to take a lot of BORING pictures. Yes sirrreee.

Last night was studio night! YAY!

Me likes the studio. Me likes the studio even more now that Michel Pilon is our Applied Studio teacher. OH YEAH. LUCKY US!

So, I took all my shots, then ran home to look at them and to balance them, and waddaya know, there are funky reflections all over the place that I could not see in the studio. DAMN IT! Looks like I will have to re-shoot. I just dont get how those weird reflections on the seamless got there, at first I thought they were shadows, but that makes not sense because there were not lights at that angle and the studio itself is relative dark so I dont think it was coming from stray lights.... so its gotta be relfections from the key light. Not amused.

But in my defense, we were only allowed to use a couple of low wattage tungsten lights for this exercise, and to get any kind of decent light, I had to diffuse and reflect the heck out of it. Main light was at 90degrees from the camera and the fill was opposite of that with a 4 to 1 ratio of intensity (2 stops difference).


.99centPoetry said...

I love taking pictures,and always kick myself for forgetting my camera.
It is something that I enjoy so much,but don't seem to make enough time to do.
I like the random on the go shots,churches,odd buildiings,or anything that speaks to the day to day life in the big city.

Donnalouise, Donna or DC said...

Hey Gabbie!!! Thanks for popping by my blog. Didn't know you were into photography. Did I ever tell you that Jason's father is a professional wildlife photographer? You should google him - F Eugene Hester photography - and check out this article -

He's been published in Time magazine, Ducks Unlimited calendar and even wrote a book...

Hugs and kisses!!!