Monday, December 03, 2007

Curling + Broken Feet + Cuban Health Care = My Weekend

I love watching Randy Ferbey lose. LOVE IT. His team, a couple of years ago, seemed unstoppable. They steamrolled everyone that dared challenged them.
They really were on a path to glory, or so everyone thought. It was quite exciting to watch this rink develop into something incredible. But then it happened.
Their success transformed them into an arrogance that made my stomach churn. It felt like there was a couple of pounds of butter in there. Their arrogance has caught up
with them, and lately, they have not done much at the national level. No Briar titles. No real titles to speak of. Yet, this weekend, when they walked onto the ice at the Canadian Grand Slam quarter Finals to face the Shawn Adams rink from Nova-Scotia, they were apparently convinced of an easy win. HA! Once the score reached 10-6, for
Nova-Scotia, their cock-sure attitude transformed into a bunch of sad little puppies. The crowd roared with pleasure as Ferbey conceded the game to Adams. HA HA HA HA.

On Sunday I spent the afternoon fixing Judy's computer with my friend Nick. Poor Judy with her broken foot up in the air. We exchanged broken foot stories. Since we both have the remarkable distinction of breaking our right foot on public transit. However, she did her stunt in London, England. But Judy has more elegance that way. If she were to break her foot, it would have to be in England. A much more dignified place to be. And from what she says, they put our medical system to shame. Can't say I'm surprised. Cuba has better health care than we do if you believe Michael Moore.

Yup, According to Michael Moore, Cuba is the Shangrila of health care. Free, perfect health care. When I first saw the documentary "Sicko", I was initially shocked by this, and a little pissed that Cuba had such great health care, but then, when you think about it a minute, I bet if I was a big world known director, showed up in CUBA with a bunch of Sick Americans (I love the double-entendre in that one) with camera crew in tow, I would get the red carpet treatment as well. I am sure my friend Pedro would have lots to say about that.

Pedro immigrated to Montreal a few years ago. I haven't seen him in a while, but I am sure he is doing fine. Another immigrant success story. I am happy he made a place for himself in Montreal. I would be curious to see what he would say about "Sicko"!

So, a while back I told you about the Commercial Photography program at Dawson College; just over a couple of weeks ago they phoned me to schedule my admissions interview. I have to hold my breath to find out if I get in or not. I should have an answer in 2 weeks!!!! OK I can't hold my breath that long. But I am trying.

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