Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Watering Children 0410

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Some of you might be a little surprised when you read this posting. Others might think I have completely gone off the deep end. But, today was a grandiose day in the life of Gabriel Robichaud.

This morning, I drove to Dawson College, parked my car on de Maisonneuve street, walked into the college through the main entrance, marched straight forward about 150 meters, turned right, then walked another 50 meters or so, and inserted my application into the Registrar's mail box. There was something eerie about the whole process. First of all, it was about 7:45 am, so there was no one around. Empty halls. Echoing footsteps. Then the swoosh of the the letter sliding in the mail slot and sudden thump as it hit the bottom of the empty mail box, followed by a long sigh of relief. And my grimace turned to a wide grin. I knew I had done something good for myself, my hapiness and my future: my application to Dawson College's Commercial Photography Program for the fall term is complete and submitted to the powers at be.

Wow. I felt so happy after that. But that lasted about 10 seconds. I then realised my faith rested in the hands of academia. So, if you are christian, light a candle say a prayer in my honour. For the less christian, take out your prayer matts, put on your yamachas, or even burn insents or just plain cross your fingers, beacause I really REALLY want this.

So... There is a picture to talk about today as well. I watched these kids play in the water at Parc Jean-Drapeau for a good 10 minutes. They were having such a great time. I felt like joining in and running through the fountains myself, but that would have been weird. We had a great day with Diane, Gilles, Marie and Camille. I had not realised just how nice of a place it is. Filled with photo ops. I will be returning, for sure!!

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