Saturday, March 13, 2004

Curling to forget

Argh! The last 24 hours have been interesting to say the least. JR's dad went missing yesterday. The police were called and a missing person's report was filed. He was finally found roaming the streets this morning around 8am. That means he spent the entire night in the freezing cold outside. He was found on the street in Ville St-Laurent. We were just happy to hear that he was doing ok and is basically unharmed. I don't think he even realizes what kind of trouble he was in. The more time goes by the more I see how horrible Elzeihmer's disease really is.

On a more positive note curling is in high gear right now. Today I am watching (as I write this) the semi-finals of the Canadian men's curling Nokia Brier. Always action packed, specially with a team from the Maritimes. It would be nice to see Nova-Scotia win. I am sick of seeing Randy Ferbey and that asswhipe of a 4th David Needohin. I don't like him. He just bugs me. As for my own curling team, we are going to be playing tomorrow night and I am going to be skipping for the first time. I am very nervous at the thought of skipping, specially since I have been critical of our skips all year. Its really time to put my money where my mouth is. But we are down 2 players, so we have to use 2 subs, one of which is a beginner curler, so our odds are pretty slim. But it should fun nonetheless. I am have more fun when Frank is there. Next year I am definitely going to put together a team for me and my friends.

I am going over for diner at Nick's later. I don`t really feel like going but I think I need to get out. Seems all I do is work and watch TV and do my computer stuff. Specially since the next couple of days are going to be school intensive. I have to hand in my final paper for my Business and People Skills course for my graduate certificate. And of course, in good Gabriel form, I have done a good bunch of procrastinating so I have lots of work to do. I am glad its only a 2500 word essay. Sometimes I wonder if I will actually finish the Master's program. Three years seems like such a long time when you want to have a life.

One good thing, is that we are getting closer to spring. The daylight hours are getting longer and pretty soon the mercury will reach warm shiny temperatures. I can't wait! To top it off, I can feel my mood improving with each passing day. A sure fire sign that summer is just around the corner. Now if I could just get my fat ass motivated enough to start training again, I just might do a couple of triathlons this summer and a half marathon in June. We will see. I was planning on starting last week but its hard to make it to the pool when you have a fever and razor blades in your lungs. My stupid asthma. I am still coughing and hacking up crap, so I am going to need another week before I am anywhere near healthy enough to go to the pool. I am so sick and tired of my lung problems. People have no idea how crappy it is to feel like this, and I see people's face, I know everyone thinks I am exaggerating... But I guess they don't know what its like to wake up every morning and have to go through 20 minutes of coughing just to clear your lungs enough so that you can breath enough to make the walk to the bus stop. Oh well.

Hmm. Now that was a good rant.

See you later.

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